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Corporate Professional Training

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Why is our Professional Training so popular?

Find out what our Trainees say about us!

"I liked the hands on part. Being able to apply the theory into something we could look at and try. And the fact that our instructor is very much accomodating in our questions and issues. I’d like to thank him a lot for that." - Ricardo Domingo, QA Engineer
"Teaching is awesome from the instructor and he forwarded more then enough material to learn,which is good for us. I appreciate it and like to thank him for excellent teaching." - Shikander, QA & BA Training
"Content was good. (Instructor) tried to cover all the latest technology. I liked his teaching..." - Smita, J2EE Training
"I was very satisfied with the contents of the course which covered a wide range of useful topics... Overall I was extremely satisfied with the course and the knowledge of the instructor. Instructor is very motivating and very helpful. He is very patient in answering all our Questions and his responses have been very quick. I would like to attend more of his classes in the future." - Jaishree, J2EE Engineer
"(I liked) The tools introduced, flexibility and patience of instructors, understanding of my personal situation in skills" - Nirmala, WhiteBox Testing Training
"Course given is comprehensive and covers all the important topics." - Anuradha Savadre, J2EE Training
"(I liked) Instructor's live presence and assignments" - Saadia, ASP.net Training
"Covered the latest technology aspects. Instructor is enthusiastic to help and fit in the topics needed." - Mrunalini, J2EE Engineer
"Excellent and much needed DWH training." - Sidhu, DWH Training
"It is a lot of outstanding knowledge’s we have been getting in short period of time. " - Mekdes, J2EE Engineer
"The trainer has very good knowledge and strong experience on the latest java technologies. He is very accommodating and encouraging and he tries his best to cater to everyone's needs in the group. I took this course to quickly get an introduction to some of the latest J2EE technologies. And I was definitely satisfied." - Ramya Vijayan, Sr. J2EE Engineer
"This has been an excellent Java Training course. Instrunctor’s depth of knowledge and the deep interest in CS made this learning so easy and memorable class. Instructor also has a deep interest in teaching the science so well. I had taken some programming courses before, but this course made me like Java, and developed interest to learn more. All because of the instructor. My sincere thanks to the instructor for all that. " - Suprabha Shankar, Sr. QA Engineer, White Box Training Batch
"(I liked) Web Conferencing setup - I was able to take up the classes remotely." - Sophia, Whitebox Testing Training
"(I liked) Hands-on training." - Venkat, ASP.net Training
"(I liked) the instructor, method of teaching, study material, environment in the class..." - Jyotsna N Dandekar, QA Trainee
"Instructor was honestly the best and most knowledgeable instructor I have had for any type of computer course. Knowledge is overwhelming!" - Ritesh, DWH Training
"(Instructor) is very knowledgeable and is willing to share his experience. Hands on project to go with the topic taught in the class. " - Shawn Lee, Project Manager
"I got an over all idea of J2EE, What all I should learn to make myself competent with others. This Course also gave me a heads up in which direction I should go to attain my goal." - Devaki, Sr. Engineer
"(I liked) contents of the training, teaching methods, positive outlook and helpful nature of the instructor." - Niranjan Wagle, Sr. J2EE Engineer/Team Lead
"(I liked) Testing tools (portion of the training)" - Deepa Kumar, QA Trainee
"Sansa has a very good training class for QA. All the sessions are very well laid out. The concepts are very well explained. The trainer is very accommodating with class schedule. Very good support even after completion of course. Any e-mail questions are answered within 2 minutes even at 11pm." - Lidia Thomas, QA/White Box Engineer
"The classes on Whitebox and Blackbox testing were interesting and covered major topics and taught by dedicated teachers. The content was practical and of immediate benefit." - Meena Rodkin, QA Engineer
"The Java course was well tailored to my and other student’s training needs. It is very practical." - Syamala, White Box Engineer
(I liked) "The regular assignments and the practical work that we use to do in the class" - Name Witheld on request, QA Team Lead
"The (Teradata) syllabus was really exhaustive and equipped with real time examples... I highly recommend Sansa Technology for teradata.." - Shaun, Teradata Training
"...The flexibility in being able to attend a new or a different batch for covering missed classes or repetition for better understanding is an excellent benefit with Sansa." - Harish Chitlur, Sr. Project Manager
"The QA course helped me get knowledge of QA processes and tools and I was able to start my career with the QA field. Thank you." - Sunita, QA Engineer
Full Satisfaction

"I was very satisfied with the contents of the course which covered a wide range of useful topics... Overall I was extremely satisfied with the course and the knowledge of the instructor...I would like to attend more of his classes in the future." - Jaishree, J2EE Engineer

Training highlights

Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs have the following highlights:

  • Proven training programs.
  • Excellent track record.
  • Courses tailored for job placements and Interview success.
  • Best instructors in the Bay Area.
  • Exceptional marketing staff.
  • Small Class Room for Personalized Attention.
  • H1 Sponsorship Available.
  • E-Verified Employer.
  • Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Resume and Interview Preparation.
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