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Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Sansa Technology is a leading provider of Talented Technical Professionals.

We help our customers to focus on their core competence and stay competitive by taking care of their strategic IT staffing needs. We build lasting relationships by understanding our customers' needs, meeting or exceeding their expectations, and consistently providing outstanding service and quality.

Our Values
Our Value is to provide best value solutions to our clients and promote the highest standards of quality, integrity and mutual respect. We strive for providing the best experience necessary to help our clients and employees to meet and exceed their business or professional goals.
  • Sansa Technology provides one stop shop for all your staffing needs.
  • Sansa Technology staffing is controlled by technical professionals with broad knowledge of management who speaks your language.
  • They are teamed with search consultants and technical consultants to conduct the best technical interview before a candidate is submitted
  • Talent pipeline forecastind and solutions for talent gaps
Our candidates are backed with in-depth training on your requirements before they start, and thus productive from hour one
Recruitment Management Process
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Our staffing Solutions & Integration services allow you to have strategic advantages by allowing use of our existing Recruitment Management process

Recruitment management process- Our recruitment management process is customized process which gets tailored to meet specifics requirement of your firm. Sansa Technology selects candidates through technical screening to cultural screening so that you can relax and concentrate on development

The recruitment process of Sansa Technology is headed by Client manager who serves as one point of contact with hiring manager of your company, these client manager are technical people who know technology and can understand the requirements much better.

Under this client Manger there are technical consultant and recruiters who look for the right candidate and screen then before, forwarding them to client manager

The final interview gets done by client manager to see overall fit and then goes the submission. RMPs include a suite of services that can be tailored based on client size and specific needs.

Our recruitment process consists of
  • Initial process consulting
  • Development , refinement or gathering of job descriptions and requirements
  • Marketing and postings of job description to generate pool of candidates
  • Initial cultural and technical screening
  • Interview coordination
  • Evaluations and/or assessments
  • Offer management
  • Closing
  • Vendor coordination
  • Exit interviews and/or 90-day new hire surveys
Talent Managment and Talent Pipeline Forecasting
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Our Talent Managment and Talent Pipeline Forecasting procee help your organization in the following ways:
  • 1. Determine the type of talent required to implement the business goals and strategy by translating strategy into operational requirements and identifying talent segments that will be key to achieving these goals .
  • 2. Determine the number of people required over the term of the strategic/operational plan by assessing the capabilities and capacity of the current talent pool, identifying capabilities and capacity required in the future, and examining potential changes in the pool that might impact the number of people needed in each talent segment. This step needs to take into account historical turnover rate and upward movement rate.
  • 3. Identify and prioritize talent gaps and determine the best approach for closing the gap

Quick View

Value Prepositions
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs
  • Closing of Requisition in a short span
  • Big pool of professionals in various technologies
  • Matching of job requirement with the right candidates
  • Intensive and rigorous interview and skill test to short list right candidates
  • Resource of permanent employees and Conslitants
  • Right resource at right time and within your budget
  • Extended retention guarantee of 5 Months
  • Good candidates get intensively trained to meet any particliar or specific requirement for your company

Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Our Action Approach

"Focuses on relationship management and relationship building with our identified talent pool"

  • Establish ongoing contact via structured communication campaigns.
  • Continue to research, find, assess, message, attract, compel, recruit, and hire talent
  • Commit to ongoing participation in key professional/industry events
  • Determine the most important present and future hiring needs by position
  • Initiate a data mining effort to extract undiscovered talent from within the corporate ATS
  • Within the organization an inventory of high profile and high performing pool will be created to fill up the critical and important positions

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